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Latest Work

BREAKTHROUGH- 48” x 30” Acrylic on Canvas

This is a very personal piece. The thought behind this is the rut I have dug myself in my life. When you do things a certain way for so long, it becomes routine, not allowing any chance for change. When the realization occurred, it was during a talk with a friend. We discussed our intentions for our future. When looking at the big picture, it seems as if the colorful wave that is present in most of my works is the lack of clearity in my life as of late. After this talk, I figured the best way to represent it would be to allow the viewers to see the figure as it literally breaks through the colors, exposing the white of the it. While the figure breaks through, it is entering a new field, a more stable and controlled life, displayed through precise fields of color. This piece is showing that this is just the start, as it should get much more controlled from here on out.



Is This it?- 40″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas

An emotional night at a tense point in my life, where conclusions were drawn and lives changed. The crowd in the background are elements to show the reactions felt in the course of life since this encounter.


All Eyes- 36″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas 

This summer has been very special to me. It is my first time not being home from college, living in my own place year-round. It can take a toll on the mind and body without even thinking about it. I constantly found myself looking around rather confused; the feeling as if I was waiting for something catastrophic to happen. The question would dawn on me several times a day, “What’s next? Where do I go from here?” With that being the focus of my life, I would seek something that would visually suit that appropriately. While most would resort to alcohol and drugs when seeking answers, I feel like a bar scene is only appropriate. However-this bar is a bit tense. The faces show the reaction of a traumatic event, grabbing the attention of everyone present, even the people playing pool in the background. While the breaking news on the television is a representation of my life, people cannot help but keep their eyes on me. While the reactions are mixed and some harsh, this is where I see myself right now. The vibe of the scene simply asks, “After all of this, where do we go from here?”


Pilot Jones- 30″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas

Last year, while on Christmas break and back from college, I found myself within a very spiritual spot. I gravitated towards friends for genuine times just for the feel of it. While within that energy, I decided to start doing art- a big jump in my life. The ideas were flowing and things were on the rise. I found myself one night uneasy with the energy, feeling lost and rushed. While events ensued, spirits seemed to surround me, while also making me transition into my life now. This aspect is shown through the figure reaching out with a hand at the bottom of the painting. It is connected to a body that has my old hockey number (14) on it, being crushed by the events over it. This reveals the moment I gave up the lifestyle of an athlete to a creative. The car on the left side shows the escape route I took from the situation, a scene that was building from the start. While figures look concerned around the scared face, the face is magnified in the background to completely convey the feeling of fear. The monochromatic color scheme is different for me, making the figures easier to see, revealing the story more to the viewer, which I enjoy sharing more.


The Fashion Haus- 20″x20″ Acrylic on Canvas

A few Weeks ago, I went to a party at a three story loft in Cleveland. This was such an inspirational trip, gaining both connections and knowledge. I got these attributes since the party consisted of a bunch of local creatives who are chasing recognition as much as the next person. The knowledge is gained by seeing other creative minds let loose and talk about their work and perspectives on things. The connections allow expanding easier along with gaining some friends. This particular scene was looking up a staircase into a gigantic room that occupied five king sized beds total. While three people posed looking right at the viewer, one squatting in between two standing, a hand in the bottom left corner suggests an inviting path up into what is in store at the top room. While events up there provoked curiosity, it was also saturated with danger. The fear is expressed through warm colors at the top with figures throughout. The fear is representing the exact emotion toward going into a field that isn’t guaranteed success. It only seemed to be an appropriate representation of all the people attending the party.


High Watch- 48″x36″ Acrylic on Canvas

Last summer I went on my family’s come to be annual vacation to North Carolina. This trip was different from the past. I was growing up a good bit, getting into more and more stuff as time passed. Arts became my life and passion at this point, as I was still sorting through my life to see what brought me energy I could relate to the best. I was also not in the company of my parents, kind of throwing the whole trip off. I felt strange and disoriented the first night. Just not really feeling too comfortable with everything going on in my life, even thought it was supposed to be a time to get away from these worries. Once most went to bed, I found my way to the beach to relax by myself for a bit, even if it was in the rain. The painting is the view of me sitting on top of the lifeguard chair, showing how the elevation is the only place I find stability. As the chaos ensues at the bottom, filled with disapproving glares and the deteriorating structure of the chair, the top of the scene is quite relaxed, where things make sense.

Thank you for reading.


The Hoegarden- 48″x24″ Acrylic on Canvas

The Hoegarden is a house that hosts live music normally once a month. I was brought there a few times, until the atmosphere was welcoming enough to feel like an invite was implied. All bands perform in the basement. When it’s time for a breather, I always like to go upstairs to see if I know anyone up there. As I was on my way up the stairs, I saw this opportunity to create a visual story of this place. While it would be easy to display the performances, I like to focus on the people who make the place what it is exactly. Usually intoxicated, but rowdy and inviting people. These are the people that influence my work the most by reminding me that it’s all about being yourself.