Painting Bios

Plentiful- 24″ x 24″

Long nights long nights,
Left alone how I planned it
Grieving circumstances
and paralyzed stanzas.

Window! Window!
What’s the plan!
Another night left
Keys on night stand





Hangin’- 30″ x 24″

Keeping color harmony and study in mind, I am finding new ways to create depth. This work was inspired simply by hangin’ around all day. The longest of days can only be entertained by others doing the same- trying to find something interesting to do.





Around the Block- 48″ x 36″

Rain filled chilly days entertain the eye with reflections in places we would’ve never imagined. Water is eye candy for organically saturated colors, bringing the best out of a glum situation. It strangely compels me to evade the streets on rainy days.




Balance- 48″ x 36″

Balance is achieved once matter is equal. We all need support sometimes. As weights shift, the counter is compensation through a thought of gratitude. Even while someone can support you, to pick you up from a slouch, you really can’t know if they are helping you or themselves stand up straight.

Balance (11/27/2018)



Parallel Perspectives- 36″ x 36″

The title is exploring two worlds that should never meet.