Painting Bios

Path- 48″ x 30″

This piece has been inspired by the multiple paths people in 2018 have spent their way coming up and going down. While politics have had their ups and downs in recent times, other subject matters come up. Some of the most exclusive men became exposed for allegations, that rang out all of their success. In the culture of art, it seems like you can be an overnight success since so many people are being so easily exposed, but now how do you stand out with so many?

Path (10/13/2018)



Parallel Perspectives- 36″ x 36″

The title is exploring two worlds that should never meet. While the worlds can mean any two things coming together that you would like to relate them to, I have my own personal inspiration. I encourage those to tell me what two forces they saw coming together upon seeing this painting, feel free to send me a message through the inquiries tab up top or any form of communication you have with me.


Relief in the Addict (RIP Mac Miller)- 16″ x 12″

Working with addiction, repetition, routine- it all begins to bled together as things become intermixed with habits. Looking at the life of a figure like Mac Miller, he inspired me from my 7th grade bus trips with my iPod in hand. I grew up in the same realm of high school and development with him and his music. This makes this one hard on me. Hearing how much more in depth he had become over the years that I listened gave me inspiration. I flick through the drugged out projects and other worlds he explored for us. This painting is a representation of the struggle that he felt, and I felt through his music. It’s a component that is very interesting to me. These different faces show the pain and complexity that reflect his lifestyle and artwork. Rest in paradise king, you’ll always be an inspiration to me.