Painting Bios

A Conscience Outlook- 48″ x 36″

A reaction perhaps,
Perhaps we lean one way,
Perhaps another.

You see,
‘Perhaps’ implies the beginning,
An honest next step

Perhaps we react,
Perhaps we draw conclusions,
We all look away unsolved.





Plentiful- 24″ x 24″

Long nights long nights,
Left alone how I planned it
Grieving circumstances
and paralyzed stanzas.

Window! Window!
What’s the plan!
Another night left
Keys on night stand





Hangin’- 30″ x 24″

Keeping color harmony and study in mind, I am finding new ways to create depth. This work was inspired simply by hangin’ around all day. The longest of days can only be entertained by others doing the same- trying to find something interesting to do.





Around the Block- 48″ x 36″

Rain filled chilly days entertain the eye with reflections in places we would’ve never imagined. Water is eye candy for organically saturated colors, bringing the best out of a glum situation. It strangely compels me to evade the streets on rainy days.




Balance- 48″ x 36″

Balance is achieved once matter is equal. We all need support sometimes. As weights shift, the counter is compensation through a thought of gratitude. Even while someone can support you, to pick you up from a slouch, you really can’t know if they are helping you or themselves stand up straight.

Balance (11/27/2018)



Parallel Perspectives- 36″ x 36″

The title is exploring two worlds that should never meet.





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